James Robb

About me

An overview of my work and a few personal notes that may be of interest.

What do I do?

I am a Web Developer with over 8 years of experience. I currently work as a Freelance Full Stack Web Developer. Throughout my career I have specialised in digital accessibility and I am incredibly passionate about the subject.

During my career I’ve wore many hats from Developer to Tech Lead and Project Manager to client facing Consultant. I care a lot about creating accessible, performant, well tested websites and applications.

Why do I do what I do?

I enjoy solving real problems that make a real difference for end users. Whether it is improving the behaviour of an API and in turn reducing data costs for users in a developing market or simply advising designers and developers on best practices for implementing accessible interfaces, I am driven in the cause of realising the original promise of the web: A free, open, accessible source of information and resources for all.

What kinds of projects do I enjoy?

I like to collaborate with others, co-creating solutions with stakeholders and to influence project outcomes. I think that I am someone who thrives at most points in a projects lifecycle but especially on the advisory and hands on development areas.

My favorite type of project is when I get to work directly with the Frontend since that will directly affect a users experience. I am however someone who enjoys working across a whole system and so where Frontend may be a focus of mine, I do enjoy working on the backend and am equally capable in doing so.

My core skillset

Language wise, I am competent in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Node, Docker and SQL. I am dangerous enough to get by with Python, Rust and C#. I am also continually trying to learn more and thus, I am currently studing courses on Rust and GraphQL.